Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fun is Just Beginning!

Some of you may have already taken down your Christmas tree.  Maybe you've unplugged your outdoor Christmas lights, too.  The holiday wrapping paper is put away and you're nearly finished with the fattening eggnog in the refrigerator and the cookies in the tins on your kitchen counter.  Christmas is over and you couldn't be more relieved.

I talked with my mother-in-law today and she told me with a good laugh that ten minutes after her final guests departed on Saturday night she was taking down her tree and tossing it off the back deck.  She was tired of the falling needles and mess and couldn't wait to be rid of it. 

I can relate.  Our Christmas tree is getting barer by the moment.  It stopped taking water a few weeks ago and has lost so many needles it's virtually invisible on the bottom half.  The fact that we had to remove all of the candy canes and decorations from this part of the tree, to protect them from our two year-old, only makes the barrenness more glaring. 

Lately it seems that there are more needles in my dustpan,

than on the actual tree.

Like our Christmas tree, our nativity set is also ready to be retired for the season. 

Clearly Joseph has had more than his fair share of fun this Christmas.

I am sure the fireplace is begging for a rest, too.  We've burned so many fires that the soot and ash are piling up faster than the candy cane wrappers and empty Hershey's Kisses foils in Henry's bedroom.

The timer on my kitchen oven is suffering from burnout, too (no pun intended).  I would bet it has never been used as much as it has been in the past few days, timing cookies, cakes and casseroles, as well as Christian's video game-playing sessions.

But for our family, even though Joseph and the tree have been rioting for a swift end to the holiday spectacle since last week, the Christmas fun is just beginning! 

After spending our first Christmas in Missouri, in our first house, and for the first time without extended family,  my parents, brother and their adorable, rascally dog, Rudy, are driving 800-plus miles to see us this week! 

Hooray!  Let the holiday fun continue.

{What about you?  Are you glad Christmas is over?  Have you taken your tree down yet?  Or are you the type of person who likes to extend the holiday season as long as possible?}

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  1. poor joseph! hahaha. And our tree is also losing a ton of needles. I'd take it down sooner if I felt like dealing with the mess! I might leave it up through New Years, though not sure if I can take it for that much longer. Have so much fun with mom and dad!!