Friday, January 21, 2011

We've Moved

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POPLAR BLUFF, MO --- It's official, Heather Scarano's blog, Bella Vita in The Bluff, has permanently changed locations.  Scarano, citing her dislike of Blogger's clunky navigation and tools, as well as hearing about multiple readers' problems leaving comments on her posts, has moved her website to another blog host,

"I received several complaints from readers who were unable to leave comments, and heard from several others who had questions about whether or not they had the right email account to become 'Followers' of the blog," said Scarano in a statement released yesterday.  "So I decided it was time to move my site to" doesn't discriminate between readers' email accounts, said Scarano, and leaving comments is a seamless process.

"When your mom has trouble leaving a comment, and she tells you about it more than once, you know it's time to make a change," Scarano added.

Not only is it easier for her readers to follow her blog and leave comments on, Scarano said she also enjoys the ability, and flexibility, of mobile blogging.

"We don't have the Internet at home. I do pretty much everything from my Blackberry," said Scarano.  "So the Wordpress mobile blogging app was another important reason for making the switch."

Scarano says her blog has moved permanently.  Readers can now access her blog at

So what about the name change?

"Well, I also received some feedback that the name, Bella Vita in The Bluff, was a bit confusing.  I had people referring to it as Bella Vita in The Buff, which was really not accurate."

No Bluffing, she says, also provides her with a bit more anonymity.  Scarano said she wasn't completely comfortable with anyone who came across her blog having an idea of where she lived.  She also thought No Bluffing would be a name she could keep no matter where she lived, since she and her family move often.

Scarano encourages her followers, and "Followers," to check our her new website at, and to sign up for the email subscription, which will notify users every time she composes a new post.

"I am glad I made the switch," Scarano said.  "I hope my readers will be, too."


*The Blogging Daily is a fictional publication.  (So was this news report.)

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  1. You are so cute! I love this and glad you're happy w/ the change!