Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Know You're Married to a Baseball Coach When...

This one is for you Coach. 

1. You can tell the difference between an 82 MPH fastball and an 86 MPH fastball.  No seriously, I can.  Once after a baseball game Joe asked me what I thought of the team.  I responded, "Honestly honey, I thought our guy didn't seem to be throwing very hard."  "Well, yeah." Joe replied.  "He was only throwing about 82-84.  You're used to seeing 86-88."  Seriously?  I surprised even myself on that one.

2. Your four year-old son who is just learning how to play basketball says, "Mom, I just scored a run!" every time the basketball makes it into the goal.

3. A favorite activity of your boys is playing "Imaginary Baseball." This is indoor baseball, with no balls, bats, helmets or gloves.  Just pretend swings, catches, and lots of real running and sliding around the house.

4. You never have to hire a moving company.  That's what the baseball team's for.

5. To keep your son occupied during Sunday morning church services, your husband draws a baseball field on the back of the bulletin so your son can play baseball.  On paper. 

6. You find yourself explaining the ins and outs of baseball, the rules and statistics, to your girlfriends and sisters. 

7. You find yourself trying to convince your brother that baseball, not football, is the better sport. 

8. Your husband requires more closet space that you do, for all of his different uniforms collected over the years.  Jerseys, pants, socks, belts, fleeces, sweatpants, hoodies.  His baseball caps alone could fill a closet.

9. Your husband knows more laundry tricks than you do.  Especially for getting grass and mud stains out.

10. Your husband talks on the phone more than you do. To players -- former, current and prospective -- and to other coaches. 

11. Your son learned his numbers by reading the backs of jerseys. 

12. Your son asks his preschool buddies, "What team are you going to coach when you grow up?"

13.  When you tell your son you are moving to a new place, the first question he asks is, "How big is the stadium there?"

14. For three days in June you had the Major League Baseball Draft running live on your laptop.  Listening for the names of players you knew and hoped would be called.

15. The best Spring or Summer days always include a baseball game.  And although you're happy to see more of your husband during the off-season, you're always excited when February comes around again. 


  1. Love this post! So cute and creative. I don't doubt for a second how true, too! My husband and brother-in-law are huge baseball fans and they were reading baseball scores before books!

  2. Very cute Heather! Love #2 and #13. Christian is hilarious! I didn't know he said and did all of those things. Yup, he's bound to be an all-star on the baseball team! At least you can appreciate the uniqueness and some of the really cool things about being the coach's wife :)