Monday, November 1, 2010


I won't be sharing any intimate thoughts today.  Just some fun photos of our Halloween in The Bluff ...

Our Fireman and Dalmatian posing on the back of a fire truck Saturday night.  The college hosted a Halloween event in conjunction with a local radio station and an estimated 4,000 parents and children showed up.  It was wild!   

Henry kept being mistaken for a girl all weekend.  I guess he does look kind of pretty in his costume.

Ok, before we go any further with Halloween photos, I need to defend myself for a minute.  I ordered these costumes online. I ordered Henry's and I was actually afraid it was going to be too big because it was labeled 2T-4T.  Whoops!  Guess not! And Henry is a small two year-old!  I can't imagine a four year-old in that costume...

The PBFD visited Christian and Henry's school several weeks ago and inspired Christian to dress up as a fireman for Halloween.  Of course, he needed a fire dog.  Henry, our little dog lover, was happy to oblige

Daddy was dressed up as a ... wait, no.  That's not a costume, that's his own camo hat.

Christian and the bouncy balloon he won at the Three Rivers "Halloween Safezone" party.

Walking back to the car.  The final moments of the green bouncy balloon.  It popped not long after we took this photo. It's not funny, but it is (kinda). 

Please bear with me over these next few photos.  I just couldn't get enough of adorable Henry eating candy on the way home. 

Finished the chocolate, now on to the sucker.

Henry + candy = happy boy.

Here we are on Sunday night at our house, getting ready to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood.  I was trying to get a shot of the boys and the puppy, but Brandy wasn't cooperating.  You can see the leash. 

We tried giving the leash to Henry but it didn't help.  What I really needed to get was a picture of all of us.  I had Henry in the stroller, Christian by the hand and Brandy on the leash (Joe missed it as he was recruiting in Arkansas all day).  I don't know what I was thinking!  It was an adventure though and we had fun.  Henry was so funny.  He was not shy at all as we approached our neighbors' homes.  He would hold out his little bucket, look up from his stroller and say, "Candy peese!" 

Then, this morning, we woke up to this.  We suspect members of the baseball team might have been involved?  After all, what's Halloween without a good toilet-papering? 


  1. pictures of your house!! i looooove it! so many trees! :) happy halloween!

  2. Oh my goodness they are soooo cute. Truly. Henry looks adorable...not like a girl, but he is so handsome! I love his little sneakers and socks...looks kinda like a baseball player! And the pics of him eating his candy--adorable. Kinda reminds me of Jacob now. He is getting to that age where he does not look so much younger than Henry now! Hard to believe!

    I love the picture of them on the steps of your new house! how special is that? You will always cherish those pictures. I can't wait to see more pics of the house. Still can't believe you all have moved into your own HOME! I hope I get to visit someday!

    love you much

  3. Love the pictures. Love the pics of Henry eating the candy I see why you took the pictures, and he's eating reese's LOVE them they are my fav : ) Hope you are having a good week.